Tuesday, 28 June 2016

So Liz, what's it like being our trainee..?

[Quick reminder: you'll find the application pack here. I'll leave you to it now...]


Hello everyone!

Thanks for stopping by.  It’s Liz here, current Admin & Production Trainee at Third Angel.

I came to this position last summer fairly fresh from a BA in English Literature and an MSc in Creative and Cultural Industries Management from the University of Sheffield, via a lot of student theatre, a fair whack of filming work, and a job in telesales that I’m leaving very firmly in the past (!).

It’s pretty difficult for me to describe what my job typically looks like day in, day out.  As most people working in small arts organisations would tell you, no two days are the same, certainly no two years are the same, and so the next trainee will likely have a very different but equally valuable experience to the one I’ve had. However, broadly, the responsibilities of the role straddle the 2 areas of administration and production – I guess the clue is in the name of the position really!
On the admin side (and there is a lot of it), I am responsible day-to-day bookkeeping for the company, recording data for Arts Council England reporting such as environmental data and audience figures, collecting and recording audience feedback, minuting meetings and communicating with our Board.  Over on the production side, I usually book all travel, accommodation and generally manage logistics when we’re on the road, fight fires when they crop up, draw up schedules, research and buy props etc, read over and draw up letters of agreement, and lots more.  Every show is different meaning that describing production is tricky, but I can safely say that it certainly isn’t dull, and I can promise you’ll be surprised at the breadth of what you’ll end up doing.

And what I am I taking away from my time here? From deeply practical skills such as bookkeeping, to logistics management, to more intangible things like a better understanding of the theatre ecology of the UK and how theatre works as a business, I will be leaving with a wealth of knowledge which I really don’t think I could or would have accessed any other way.  I’ve also had access to networks and training I’d never have been able to connect with or afford without the organisation’s support and every session, meeting or conference helps in setting me up to move forward successfully. (As a note: Third Angel are currently a resident company based in Sheffield Theatres, and quite how much you pick up about the workings of a large building simply from being within the four walls is really remarkable - another bonus!)

I feel extremely lucky to have had this opportunity and I really can’t emphasise enough what a fantastic organisation Third Angel is to work for and how much of a professional pleasure the last year or so with them has been. The team are so supportive, truly want you to succeed, grow and develop, and will absolutely do their best to make this position suit who you are and where you want to be. I think that it’s a very real shame that so few organisations offer opportunities like this, so if you’re on the fence about applying, don’t be, you don’t want to miss your chance.

I’m not 100% sure what’s next for me (that’s all part of the adventure, right?!), but I feel prepared, excited and really ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

Happy applying!


Friday, 17 June 2016

Come and work with us! Admin & Production Traineeship (paid) open for applications

Wow, that's come around fast. A year ago we were advertising our very first internship and worrying about whether or not there would be enough interest. Over 60 applications and some extremely difficult decisions later, we appointed Liz Johnson to be our guinea pig inaugural Admin & Production Trainee and we think it's gone pretty well; she hasn't run for the hills yet. Liz will be writing a blog post in a few days, to give you a better idea of what a year with us is like.

And now we're doing it all again. We may be older and wiser (well, definitely older) but our motivation for offering this training position remains the same: we want to support those starting out in the industry. It's something we feel pretty strongly about. We all benefit from the next generation getting the chance to learn, to find their thing, to be their best. We remember how hard it is to get started, particularly with the 'can't get a job without experience/get experience without a job' catch 22, unless you have the support to be able to work for free. And a lot of people don't.

So here are the vitals:

It's an 11 month paid post, working primarily with the General Manager (that's me). The job pack and application form can be downloaded here. Closing date is 2pm on Monday 4 July and we hope to be interviewing in the week of the 1st August, with the successful candidate starting with us mid-September.

A couple of things that came out of the process last year, that might be useful:

- We don't set word limits, but please bear in mind that we had over 60 applications in 2015 and at least half of them were very strong. Don't make us hunt for evidence of your brilliance. We appreciate elegant prose, but sometimes bullet points do the job better.

- If you say you have an excellent eye for detail, it's a good idea to use spellcheck at the very least.

- If your experience or ambition is primarily as a performer, maker or artist, you need to a) be really honest with yourself about how you're going to feel being at a desk for a year and b) persuade us that you've really thought about that.

If you have any questions, please give me a call on 0114 201 3876 or email hilary@thirdangel.co.uk. And please do share far and wide. I'm looking forward, again, to seeing what brilliant things you all want to do.

Oh, and before you apply, it might be a good idea to check this earlier blog post, in which I get a bit ranty about sloppy emails. The principles are the same for this process too.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

600 PEOPLE Summer Tour

So, is there anybody out there?

I’m delighted to be taking the ‘grown up’ version of 600 People back out on the road this summer. We kick off with our first ever visit to the Pulse Festival, followed by return trips to some of our favourite festival partners.

Tour dates are below. We hope you can join us.

Third Angel presents
6OO People
Written & Performed by Alexander Kelly
Inspired by conversations with Dr Simon Goodwin
Directed by Rachael Walton

“We step out of our solar system, into the universe, seeking only peace and friendship…”  
So says the message from the human race on the Voyager spacecraft. But is there, y'know, anyone out there? Alex talked to an astrophysicist to find out. This is what he learned: Stellar Wobble. The Mirror Test. Fermi’s Paradox. Enhanced humans and murderous dolphins.

Stand-up meets astrophysics in this entertaining and deceptively simple show about huge ideas, exploring the stories we tell to understand our place in the cosmos, and what it means to be human.

“Wow! Completely stunning!” “Genuinely mind-boggling!” audience reaction

“a remarkable and enthralling showcase of knowledge and understanding… a continuous stream of ideas – seamlessly and effortlessly performed… gripping” Cuckoo Review

“a modest, direct piece of theatre which still has the power to knock you to the floor; intelligent, honest and brilliantly inquisitive.” Exeunt

Thursday, 12 May 2016

POPCORN at The Holt!

As part of our 20th - 21st Anniversary celebrations this year, we're commissioning a series of Small Celebrations - intimate moments of performance by artists we have mentored, supported, collaborated or connected with over the years. Each will be documented and collected throughout the year and made available in the autumn. 

The first of these is our own small celebration, Popcorn. A fifteen minute performance reflecting on rules, time, making stuff, shared language, shared history and friendship. We'll be performing it at The Holt, a great new cafe and artspace in Sheffield, on Wednesday 18th May at 1.15pm, with an opportunity to chat afterwards. So if you're in Sheffield, why not come down for coffee, cake, a sandwich, and enjoy a lunchtime theatre celebration with us? We hope to see you there.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Third Angel Mentoring Scheme 2016

We are very pleased to announce that the Third Angel Mentoring Scheme 2016 is now open for applications.

Are you an artist, theatre maker or company making contemporary theatre, solo performance, live art or some combination of all three? Are you a writer, deviser, director and/or performer?

Can we help you make a show?
Apply for funding?
Plan a new project?
Get off the treadmill and think for a bit?
Understand how tour-booking works?
Play in a rehearsal room for a week learning new techniques?
Something we haven’t thought of?

We have five funded weeks of mentoring to offer. The focus for this may be artistic and dramaturgical or developing business skills, career advice or practical advice on touring work or application writing. Each mentoring programme is bespoke and will respond to the particular needs of the artist/company, and the specifics of the project.  It’s aim is to facilitate artistic development through sharing skills, knowledge and offering advice.

For over 12 years Third Angel has provided training and mentoring for young and established artists and companies, drawing on over 20 years of making and touring theatre across the UK and internationally. This has consistently been one of the most rewarding areas of our work. We have been lucky enough to support artists and companies including Action Hero, Faye Draper, Hannah Nicklin, RashDash, Daniel Bye, Claire Hind, The Other Way Works and Unfolding Theatre, to name but a few.

What’s On Offer?
Each of the five Mentoring Weeks includes:
  • Five days of support from one or a combination of Third Angel Artistic Directors Alexander Kelly and Rachael Walton, and General Manager Hilary Foster.
  • A fee of £450 (including travel expenses).
  • A week’s rehearsal & mentoring space at Sheffield Theatres (if appropriate - the available dates are included in the application form below).
At least one of the weeks will be awarded to an artist/company from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background.
At least one of the weeks will be awarded to an artist who identifies as disabled.
At least one week will be awarded to an artist/company aged 16 – 21.
At least one week will be awarded to an artist on a low income.

What To Do Next
If you need any more information or support, call us on 0114 201 3856.
Closing date for applications is 10.00am Monday 23rd May 2016.
All applicants will be notified of the result of their application.
“Without Third Angel's hugely generous and thoughtful mentoring support Action Hero would not exist. At many key points in our formation and development as a collaboration their brilliantly incisive advice has played a crucial role in the decisions we've made. Their continuing support is one of our most valued professional relationships.” Action Hero 
Third Angel’s Mentoring Scheme has been made possible with funding from Arts Council England. The scheme will run again in 2017.