Friday, 9 January 2015

Welcome to 2015

So, 2015. There you are. Hello.

It's going to be busy. 2014 was a big year - 2015 will be bigger, I think, in many ways. But for now this is just about what Third Angel is up to - in the first half of the year, anyway. We're touring four existing shows:

    > The Life & Loves of a Nobody tours in the UK from January to May.
    > The Paradise Project has its UK premiere at Warwick Arts Centre in February.
    > What I Heard About the World tours to Brussels and the USA in January and March.
    > Cape Wrath goes out on the road in the UK again in April.

and developing two more:

    > Labour Intensive will premiere at The Birth Project symposium in Derby in April.
    > and we're developing an expanded version of 600 People with astro-physicist Dr. Simon Goodwin.

We'll also be undertaking education residencies in Leeds, Scarborough and Sheffield, as well as mentoring exciting new projects by our good friends Hannah Nicklin and Daniel Bye.

I'll post updates about the new projects separately in the weeks to come, but scroll down for tour dates and booking links...


Third Angel & Shefield Theatres present
The Life & Loves of A Nobody

photo: Marcus Sarko
Rachel always wanted to be a star
Rachel wanted to run away with the circus
And have her name in lights
And escape from this house
And she dreamed of the future.

But people can be ugly. The closer they are the uglier they get. And there’s nobody closer to yourself than yourself.

Life is a juggling act. Love is a highwire. Try to do both at once, and it's a long way down. But even if the act goes wrong, you can still be famous for the fall.
"the visual payoff [is] sublime... It is well worth getting to know Rachel, whoever she is" The Guardian

"really beguiles... full of beautifully intimate moments that stick in the mind for long after the lights come up" Exeunt Magazine

After the success of the 2014 performances, The Life & Loves of a Nobody is out on the road for much of the first half of 2015. We hope you can join us:

27 January
Live at LICA
Box Office 01524 594151

3 – 7 February
The Albany
Box Office 020 8692 4446

12 February
Warwick Arts Centre
Box Office 024 7652 4524

13 March
Hull Truck Theatre
Box Office 01482 323638

14 March
Box Office 01453 860703

22 March
Square Chapel Centre for the Arts
Box Office 01422 349422

25 March
Box Office 01302 303 959

26 & 27 March
The Lowry
Box Office 0843 208 6000


Third Angel & mala voadora present
The Paradise Project / Projeto Paraiso
A co-production with Teatro Maria Matos 
& Warwick Arts Centre

photo: José Carlos Duarte
Imagine a place better than where you are.

Every day they come in and try again. They try to figure out how to live together. They try to find a place to be. They start to build something that will never be completed - at least, not within their own life times. 

And every day it works. Or it doesn't. Well, it depends how you measure it.

So today - today they will try something different.

The Paradise Project is full of wit, intelligence and humanity. Join Third Angel (Sheffield) & mala voadora (Lisbon) for a show about following instructions, inventing your own rules and keeping trying. 

UK Premiere
10 & 11 February
Warwick Arts Centre
Box Office 024 7652 4524


Third Angel & mala voadora present
What I Heard About the World
A co-production with Teatro Maria Matos 
& Sheffield Theatres

A theatre piece with two songs, one original, one karaoke.

Nominated for a Total Theatre Award for Innovation.

"Wonderful" The Guardian

"A fiery show that provokes and unsettles with striking, often brutal storytelling. Amazing." Fringe Biscuit

this gorgeous piece of theatre...makes you think about the world, makes you laugh about the world, makes you glad to be part of the world in all its madness.
Total Theatre Review

a reminder of the best and worst of human behaviour, by turns hilarious and moving
Daily Telegraph

21 & 22 January
Théâtre 140

13 & 14 March
The Kennedy Center
Washington DC

...which will be the 100th performance of the show!

The Life & Loves of a Nobody and The Paradise Project are produced by Dep Arts.

The Life & Loves of a Nobody is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Paradise Project is a Triggered@Warwick project and is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Sectretario de Estado da Cultura, DG Artes and House on Fire, with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

What I Heard About the World is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and co-produced with Worldmapper and PAZZ Festival.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Beauty of the Proof

When the building is finished, you take away the scaffolding.

You know how they say, “Proof denies faith”? Well for me, proof gives me faith. Or rather, the way proof is achieved.

Someone once said to me: don’t give up on a good idea just because it’s wrong. It takes time to prove something. A long time. Something worth proving, anyway.  And once you think you’ve proven something, then you need to check your working. Check that you’ve got it right.

A first proof is ugly. Inelegant. Long. Way too long. But it’s all there.

Then, once you’ve done the work, you ask for help.

Years ago, this took even more time. Letters sent on horseback from one city to another, from one country to another. Letters that said: I think I’ve done it. Could you do me a favour and give this a read? Check my working for me? It’s a bit long, sorry.

These letters aren’t just sent to anyone, of course. They’re sent to your colleagues, to your peers. Some might say your competitors. Letters sent on horseback. Letters sent in hope. In belief. In good faith. The work takes you years of your life. You write it down – many times – and you send it off.

Then you wait.

And slowly, one by one, the horses come back bearing new letters. If you’re lucky the new letters say, Yes, you got that right. Well done!

And if you’re luckier still, the letters also say: I’ve been doing work in a similar area. There’s a bit of our research that might help you to simplify chapter 4, or pages 16 through 23, or the second hypothesis, or whatever…

This is the story that the proof tells. With the help of your friends, across the continent, you refine your clumsy, inelegant explanation, into something clear, something clean.

This is where I find beauty, in the efficiency of the logic, in the clarity of the proof. And this is where I find faith. In my colleagues. In my friends. They help me to take away the scaffolding.

These days, of course, you just upload it to a discussion room on the internet. It’s not as poetic, but it’s much quicker.


This text was inspired by a conversation with Professor Ian Stewart at Warwick Arts Centre as part of our research into The Paradise Project. Professor Stewart was one of several academics who generously came in and talked to us back in December 2013. This year those conversations all fed into the making of the show. 

This piece about proof was written during the making process this November, but feels like it is closer to the voice of 600 People, so it may find its way into the expanded version of that in 2015.