Friday, 27 June 2008

Unrealised Projects

A few years ago our friend and collaborator [and now Associate Artist] Christopher Hall started making a documentary called 7 Short Films About Third Angel.  Chris being Chris, there were going to be more [or less] than 7 shorts films made to go together under that title.

It never actually got finished, and some of the shorts he made have kind of become Third Angel films - or at least we show them at Third Angel screening events, and given Chris' heavy involvement in nearly all of our film work, we don't worry to much about the 'authorship' of them.  There's probably more to say about that, another time.

Anyway, one of those shorts, Unrealised Projects, is included in Issue 8 of online magazine /seconds.  You can watch it here.

Watching it again now, it's worth noting that one of the unrealised projects I talk about in the film, Evidence, is back on our to-do list, having been re-invigorated by our work with Teatro Praga in Lisboa [we made a piece called Off The White for the fourth installment of their great collaborative project Shall We Dance].

It is also worth noting that we've tidied up the making space that it was shot in since then, and that I don't have that goatee any more.