Saturday, 9 August 2008

Class of '76 at The Public

Performances of Class of '76 at The Public in West Bromwich are confirmed for Saturday 23rd (at 4pm) and Sunday 24th (at 2pm) August.  They are free events as part of The Public's August Bank Holiday Weekend celebrations.  Not quite going home to Walsall with it, but back to the Midlands at least.

As I wrote previously, we are updating Class of '76 for these performances - a 'revised and updated' edition of the show. Version 3.1, if you will.  This doesn't mean that I've tracked everyone down again for an update - that's meant to happen in 2020.  But I'll have been performing the different versions of this piece, off an on, for 9 years now (last time was in 2006 at Trama, in Porto).  A lot has changed in that time, and it feels like there has to be some recognition of our changing relationship to the material in the show, and the themes and issues it explores.  

If you're in the Midlands that weekend, why not come and see what you think.