Monday, 19 January 2009

How It Works

Add ImageTechnology film still 
by Christopher Hall

Full details of Third angel events for the first few months of 2009 are up on the main site now.  Class of '76, Presumption and 9 Billion Miles From Home are all out on the road in Sheffield, Scarborough, Leeds, Glasgow and Stockton.

We're kicking off with a screening of new short films by Third Angel and Christopher Hall & myself, at the Showroom Cinema, Sheffield on 30 January.  We'll be showing brand new and very recent stuff, none of which will have been shown (publicly at least) in Sheffield before.  

One of the new pieces is called Technology, which is inspired by a section from Parts For Machines That Do Things [co-produced with Sheffield Theatres this time last year].  The text for this is a long structured improvisation - me attempting to explain all of the technology I encounter in a single day - that Chris will be editing down to about 10 minutes.  Apparently my attempt to explain why clocks "move slower" as they approach the speed of light is an [unintentional] comedy highlight.  We'll see.

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