Thursday, 26 July 2012

Emergency Drinking Water

This month I've been making a show with MA students at Leeds Met University. I have a (very) part time salaried post at Leeds Met, but this project was very much like the "visiting artist" models we deliver in Universities across the country. We make shows with groups of up to 30 students - treating them as much as possible, within the educational framework, as we would treat fellow devisors in our other projects. The difference, of course, being that rarely do we get to work with a cast of that size.

Emergency Drinking Water, which we presented last week, was closest to a normal Third Angel devising process - if there is such a thing - partly because it was a team of just eight devisor-performers.

We re-mount the show in Leeds in September - here's what Version 1 looked like.


Devised & Performed by
Jane Bellamy
Hannah Butterfield
Louise Hill
Kimberly Maud
Rochnee Mehta
Debbie Newton
Lisa-Jane Pennington
Tina Torrington

Devised & Directed by
Alexander Kelly

Lighting Design &
Technical Management
Matt Sykes-Hooban

Rehearsal photographs by 
Kiran Mehta / Leeds Metropolitan University

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