Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Playing Detective (2)

The recordings of Slung Low's last 15 Minutes Live are up on Soundcloud now. I wrote at the time  about what a great event it is.

It's lovely to listen back to my piece, Playing Detective, performed by me and the brilliant Lisa Howard. I was mildly dreading hearing myself, (I've never quite shaken off the "Do I really sound like that?" feeling) but actually it was pretty okay. Composer Heather Fenoughty, the band*, Alan Lane, Matt Angove, John Hunter and the rest of the Slung Low team** really did a great job. Big thanks to all of them. And I have to say, the other performers who are in the other four pieces are really remarkable - check them out, a brilliant bunch, elegantly directed by Alan.

Inevitably, I listen back to it as a writer and hear a work in progress. There are things I'd change about this piece itself (less clues, mainly, to give them a bit more space), but also I hear it as one output of the ongoing Clues project.

I'm reading detective fiction again (as well as books about maps [of course] and astrophysics/philosophy for 600 People), at the moment. I've finally got around to Ian Rankin's Rebus, and have recently discovered Kate Atkinson's Jackson Brodie (both recommended). I think this one will crop up again in the future.

*John Arnesen, Chris Brain, Tom Collingwood, Sam Jones, Chris Noble
**Laura Clark, Lucy Hind, Danielle Le Quesne, Alice Bolton Breeze & Andy Thomson

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