Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Edinburgh Blogpost 5: Postcard From Edinburgh

This was written midway through the Edinburgh Fringe, for the British Council's Edinburgh Showcase blog.

Postcard from Edinburgh
There comes a point when you’ve been in Edinburgh during the festivals for a few days when your body clock separates from the calendar, from the days of the week, and you don’t know when you are. The marker in the week isn’t the weekend anymore, it’s your Day Off. And, er, I haven’t got any of those this year. But in a good way.

As we knew it was going to be, 2013 is proving to be our busiest Edinburgh Fringe so far. It’s going extremely well, though – our best Edinburgh Fringe ever I’d say. Cape Wrath is sold out for it’s original run and we’ve had to put in extra shows for the final week. The audience response has been genuinely moving, and I’ve been really touched by their attentiveness, and the conversations people want to have afterwards.

A Conversation With My Father has just opened and is also going well – the piece suits the intimacy of the space at St Stephen’s and Hannah has really hit her stride here. Again great feedback and interesting conversations afterwards.

And then there’s The Bloody Great Border Ballad Project, which is a pleasure to be part of. A beautiful, rambling, exploratory celebration of an evening: music, song, story and debate. Inspired by the possibility of Scottish Independence, the varied contributions from some brilliant regular and guest balladeers, combine to create a fascinating and joyous discussion about the nature of borders themselves.

Which you would think is plenty to be going on with, but here we are, the island that is the weekend before Week 3, and there are two more shows to get up and running. The Desire Paths is our contribution to Northern Stage & Forest Fringe’s Make. Do. And Mend. event which will be an exploration of the routes we take habitually or by choice, and the idea of naming one thing after another.

And slowly moving from the back of my mind to the front is preparing for What I Heard About the World. This weekend I’m making five litres of fake blood, five cardboard planes, and buying wick for Molotov cocktails. Craig and the venue tech team are working out the logistics of how best to prep a 9.30am show. Rachael is back from holiday and gearing up for a week of Showcase networking. And Jorge, Chris and I will all be telling ourselves stories, separately, before we bring them back together for Monday’s get-in.

Oh, and we’re sourcing the free pastries we’ve promised the audience as a reward for making it down to St Stephen’s that early. And, I’m happy to report, people are pre-booking – so maybe see you there.

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