Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Third Angel at Greenbelt Festival

We’re really looking forward to (finally!) making it to the Greenbelt Festival this weekend, particularly as two Third Angel pieces will be there alongside two piece we’ve mentored. If you’re going to Greenbelt, and you want to seek us out, here’s where and when to find us…

photo: Elliot Roberts
Third Angel presents
An epic journey in a stationary minibus
SATURDAY 23rd 11.00am,  3.30pm & 7.00pm
THE WILDERNESS (next to The Kindred 24 Hour Café)
To an audience of just 14, Alexander Kelly recounts what he learned as he followed in the footsteps of his Grandad – on a bus trip from the Midlands to the most northwesterly point of Scotland: Cape Wrath. Heartfelt, moving and funny, and one of the hits of last year’s Edinburgh Fringe.
Three shows on Saturday – in a minibus!
Sign up on Friday between 6–8pm at the minibus.
Age recommendation: 14 and over

Third Angel presents an
SUNDAY 24th 12.00 – 5.15 pm
Third Angel’s Alexander Kelly would like to have a conversation with you, and do you a swap: idea for idea, inspiration for inspiration. Drop in for as long or short a time as you would like, swap a story or just listen, as we follow a trail to see what unexpected places we end up in by sharing our inspiration. You can find him in a bell tent by Star Pond.
Final storytelling at 5.00pm at the bell tent (Star Pond). Suitable for all ages.


Hannah Nicklin (with Alexander Kelly):
SATURDAY 23rd 7.30pm & 9.30pm
This is a story about my dad (a retired policeman) and me (a protestor). It’s a story about fear, bravery, what it feels like to be kettled, SuperTed, the Lone Ranger, policing the people in front of you, and being sent out of class. It’s about working out what matters, and standing up to protect it. It’s about Them and Us.

It’s about me, and my dad.
There are also some jokes in it. Because serious things are worth laughing at a little bit.

Unfolding Theatre:
(Mentored by Third Angel)
SUNDAY 24th 5.30pm & 7.00pm
There is a world that can transport us from the ordinary to the extraordinary, where we are one perfect throw away from greatness, a place where we can all be champions. That world is darts. Through this noble sport, Alex Elliott asks the unfathomable question: “What does it mean to be best in the world?”

Join him on a hilarious, occasionally heroic and heart-warming journey, featuring true stories of success, live darts and celebrations of our own personal triumphs. Motivational bananas included. This uplifting show will renew your faith in life and darts. Who knows? You might be the best audience in the world.


And if you’re going, we would also recommend that you see Bobby Baker on Saturday, too.

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