Friday, 14 August 2015

the last conversation

We were evacuated two minutes before the end of The Paradise Project today (Friday 14th August) due to a fire alarm. If you were in that audience, then this is for you. Scroll down for the final scene.

If you weren’t in that audience – spolier alert! – don’t read any further! 

On this occasion, Person A is the man, Person B is the woman.


Person A replaces the last account, of the man talking by the bridge, in the filing cabinet.

Together they pick up sections of the miniature version of the white room from the corner, and assemble it carefully on the table top, matching the full size version – so they leave the final panel off.

As they build the model:

A         How many times have we done this?

B          I think that last account might have been important.

A         What?

B          Maybe someone should try and find him.

A         Er, yeah, maybe.

B          But in answer to your question, I’ve lost count how many times.  We could rewind the recordings.

A         You know what I daydream about, sometimes?

B          What?

A         Some day, I'm going to be sitting in a cafe, you know, and there'll be someone at the same table. A complete stranger. And they'll look sad. Like strangers often do. And I'll say – are you OK?

B          Why are they sad?

A         It doesn't matter. The point is, I see myself reaching over, you know, and taking their hand. And I'll tell them. About you, and me, and what we found out. And they'll tell someone else, and so on. And it will change everything.

B          And what do you tell them, in this daydream of yours? What do you tell them that we found out?

A         Well, that’s where it gets a bit vague. It's probably not about the water, is it? It would help if you can crack that. But it’s not just about the water.

B          Probably not.

A         If it’s not the water. It's something deeper than that.

B          Or maybe it is. Maybe we made a mistake early on. There's always tomorrow.

A         Yeah. I guess there's always tomorrow.

B          There's always tomorrow. That’s what we should think.

The lights slowly fade to black.


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