Wednesday 13 April 2016


This weekend it's the WROUGHT Festival in Sheffield - only the second incarnation of this great festival, and we're really looking forward to being part of it.

We're showing Cape Wrath at 12 and 6pm on Saturday, and Rachael is performing in Michael Pinchbeck's The man who flew into space from his apartment at 4pm on Sunday. The rest of the programme looks fantastic, the other artists are brilliant and from experience I can recommend The Reservation. If I wasn't performing, I'd be seeing all of it.

Book tickets for all of it here.

Or, just turn up - there might be a few tickets left on the day, but there are also some free drop-in* events, too, such as our INSPIRATION EXCHANGE on Sunday, 11am - 4pm, with a 'Story of the day' performance at 5pm. The festival is based at The HIDE on Scotland Street.

[*Update: you need a ticket for another WROUGHT event to be able to come to the unticketed ones, though a little bird tells us if you drop by on the off-chance, you may find yourself able to join us if you'll consider buying a one-off ticket for another Sunday show]

It's great to bring the Inspiration Exchange back to Sheffield. Back in 2010 I was invited to talk for the second time at Sheffield Art-Science Encounters' event, Sing To Me Muse, about where ideas come from.

It was a really interesting brief - we were each asked to talk for 10 minutes about something that inspired us, then to devise a workshop exercise that was suitable for people to drop-in and out of. I was planning something else (I forget what) but relatively late in the day threw the idea out and came up with the mechanism that would become Inspiration Exchange, swapping stories about things that had inspired me over the years, with things that had meant something to audience members... I got some lovely stories: 

Colour Combinations
A recording by John Williams
her hands in my hair

And since then, as you'll know if you follow this blog, the Inspiration Exchange has gone on to be one of my favourite projects, a durational story swapping performance that is regularly archived here. Each presentation of the exchange contains stories given at all of the previous exchanges, so gradually the starting lineup is evolving. I've met some amazing people, and been told some incredible, funny and moving stories.

This is how it works. I hope you can join join us.

Third Angel presents an

WROUGHT Festival
The HIDE, Scotland Street, Sheffield
Sunday 17th April, 11am – 4pm
"Story of the day" presentation at 5pm

Hello – welcome.

This is an Inspiration Exchange. Please feel free to stay and listen to the conversation for as long as you wish.

After each story-exchange, Alex will ask if anyone has a story they would like to hear, from the title-cards on the table. All of the stories are about things that have inspired someone.

If you would like to choose a story, the deal is that you will be asked to swap it for a story about something that has inspired you. Your card, with your story title, will then go into the pack, for someone else to choose later.

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