Thursday, 12 May 2016

POPCORN at The Holt!

As part of our 20th - 21st Anniversary celebrations this year, we're commissioning a series of Small Celebrations - intimate moments of performance by artists we have mentored, supported, collaborated or connected with over the years. Each will be documented and collected throughout the year and made available in the autumn. 

The first of these is our own small celebration, Popcorn. A fifteen minute performance reflecting on rules, time, making stuff, shared language, shared history and friendship. We'll be performing it at The Holt, a great new cafe and artspace in Sheffield, on Wednesday 18th May at 1.15pm, with an opportunity to chat afterwards. So if you're in Sheffield, why not come down for coffee, cake, a sandwich, and enjoy a lunchtime theatre celebration with us? We hope to see you there.

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