Sunday, 17 May 2009

300 Dice

Without wanting to give too much away about it at this stage, we need a bit of help for Homo Ludens, the piece we're making with TiG7 in Mannheim, for Schillertage 2009.  Performances run 20 June - 4 July, often throughout the day; full details on the TiG7 site.

Responding to Schiller's ideas about the 'playful human',  the show is an intimate experience for 4 audience members at a time: part game, part conversation, part performance.  We'd like to give each audience member their own six-sided die to play with, and take away with them at the end of the show.  Which means we're going to need about 300 dice initially.  And, being us, we'd like every one of those dice to be different.  So we've started collecting, as you can see above.

If you can help, and would like to donate one or more dice that you might have lying around, we can promise to take them on an interesting journey.  Please send any dice-donations you have to:
Homo Ludens
Third Angel
3 Brookfield Yard
Sheffield S7 1 DY

If you want to tell us a bit about where the dice come from, any stories about them, where you got them, that would be nice - we'll try to pass on any such stories to their new owners.  Thank you.

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