Friday, 15 May 2009

Table Manners

As part of my part-time role (somewhere in between senior lecturer and artist-in-residence) at Leeds Met University, I've been making a show with the final-year BA Contemporary Performance Practices students.  This is the third year I've run this end-of-course module, and, being only slightly obsessed with the number 3, it does feel like this is the last installment of a trilogy of large-cast (for us at least) shows made in and for a particular space, Leeds Met's House 14 rehearsal room and performance studio.  The first two pieces were Compendium in 2007 and A History of Objects in 2008, and this year's is called Table Manners.  All three are theatre pieces that play with the performer/audience member relationship to a greater or lesser extent.  

Table Manners is for a limited number of audience members, but there are a few spaces left for this year's showings.  Full details below. 
A tasting menu of things that are right and wrong with the world, 
brought to you by the students of Contemporary Performance Practices, Leeds Met University
Directed by Alexander Kelly, Co-Artistic Director of Third Angel
We’ve been trying to understand etiquette.
We’ve been trying to remember what happened where.
We’ve been trying to work out why some things are good, and some are just rubbish.
We’ve been taking responsibility, we’ve been laying the blame.
We’ve been trying to make the world a slightly better place.
We’ve been sitting down to eat a meal together every day.
We’ve been trying to keep our elbows off the table.
It isn’t always easy. 
We invite you to come and help us.
Performance Times:
Tuesday 19, Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 May
Doors open 7.45pm, showtime 8pm
Matinee: Wednesday 20 May
Doors open 2pm, Showtime 2.15pm
House 14
14 Queen Square
Leeds LS2 8AJ
Free! But limited audience, so advance booking advised.
If you're interested in seeing the work, contact me on my Leeds Met email: a.kelly [at]

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