Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Third Angel and friends at the Edinburgh Fringe & Forest Fringe

So the Edinburgh Fringe brochure is out, and tickets are on sale. We're showing more work in Edinburgh than ever before, including opening a new show for the first time. Nearly all of this is being presented with Northern Stage at St Stephens (and is part of their DaySaver scheme - well worth checking out, because the whole programme is brilliant.)

The full schedule of Third Angel, and Third Angel artists', shows looks like this:

Third Angel presents
An epic journey in a stationary minibus.
Written and Performed by Alexander Kelly
Directed by Rachael Walton
9 – 24 August 2013 (not 12 or 19)
14:00 and 15:30 (1 hour)
Northern Stage at St Stephen’s
Venue 73
, Box office: 0131 558 3047

“After he retired, my Granddad went on a trip from the Midlands up to Cape Wrath, the most north-westerly point of his native Scotland. He sat, looked at the sea, and thought about his life. Then he got up and went home. Over 20 years later, I got on a coach and followed in his footsteps. This is what I learned.”

Join 14 other passengers for a story of family, of fellow travellers, of whisky and chocolate, of the longest bus route in Britain. Heartfelt, moving, compellingly intimate, Cape Wrath takes you on a journey to the edge of the island, and wonders what we think about when we think about our lives.

Hannah Nicklin
made in collaboration with Alexander Kelly
Mentored & supported by Third Angel
14 – 24 August 2013 (not 20)
20:00 (65 mins)
Northern Stage at St Stephen’s
Venue 73
, Box office: 0131 558 3047

This is a story about them. This is a story about us. This is a story about my dad - a retired policeman - and me, a protestor. Its about fear, bravery, what it feels like to be kettled, Super Ted, the Lone Ranger, policing the people in front of you and being sent out of class. It's about working out what matters and standing up to protect it. It's about me, and my dad. 

"It’s gentle, it’s inclusive, it’s quietly but persuasively angry and political in perhaps the least alienating way possible." Exeunt Magazine

Northern Stage & Friends
Curated by Lorne Campbell
3 – 24 August 2013 (not 6, 13 or 20)
22:00 (75 min)
Northern Stage at St Stephen’s
Venue 73
, Box office: 0131 558 3047

We'll be presenting a (slightly shortened) version of our new spoken word piece, 600 People, as part of this great project. Part protest, part prophesy, part poetry, part party. Writers, performers, balladeers and special guests from North and South of the border create an epic new ballad written with and for the audience, every night of the Fringe.

Alongside a series of newly commissioned "ballads" from Third Angel artists Lucy Ellinson, Alex Kelly and Chris Thorpe, plus brilliant people Kieran Hurley, Cora Bissett and Daniel Bye, a glittering array of guest artists will join our resident balladeers and the audience to source, form, hone and perform a mighty new ballad for our times. We'll try to be greater than the sum of our parts. 

Third Angel & mala voadora present
A co-production with Sheffield Theatres and Teatro Maria Matos
In association with Worldmapper.org.
20 – 24 August 2013 
09:30 (70 mins)
Northern Stage at St Stephen’s
Venue 73
, Box office: 0131 558 3047

Yes, that's 9.30am. Theatre for breakfast! Free pastries! 

A theatre piece with two songs; one original, one karaoke... As the world seems to get bigger our understanding of it gets less reliable. How on earth can you know all the places you've been, let alone the places you haven't? 

Devised and performed by Jorge Andrade, Alexander Kelly and Chris Thorpe, What I Heard About The World is a bold, ridiculous, heart-breaking attempt to hold an accurate picture of the whole world in your head. A place with only five official haircuts for men. A place where you confess your sins to voicemail. A place where a radio station only broadcasts silence.

Returning to St Stephen's as part of the 2013 British Council Showcase.

"Gorgeous...makes you think about the world, makes you laugh about the world, makes you glad to be part of the world in all it's madness." Totaltheatre.org 

Northern Stage & Forest Fringe
19 August, 10:30 - 16:30

We'll be contributing a new piece of work to this brilliantly timely event, jointly hosted by Northern Stage and Forest Fringe:

"You are invited to a day of action. A gathering of the many kinds of people that make up the Fringe’s remarkable community, not to talk, but to act.

With the help of some inspirational and provocative contributors, we will spend the day imagining and implementing real solutions to problems you suggest. Our attempt to change theatre (and perhaps the world) for the better – in one day.

Beginning at St Stephen’s and concluding at Forest Fringe, with a collective jaunt between venues – including a new work created by Third Angel especially for the event."

And as if that is not enough... Third Angel artists Chris Thorpe and Lucy Ellinson are both opening new shows in the Edinburgh festivals, too:

Chris Thorpe and Hannah Jane Walker present
12.15 (1hr 30)
16 - 25 August
Naturally the whole Forest Fringe line-up is brilliant, check out the details here.

The Gate presents
by George Brant
Performed by Lucy Ellinson
Traverse Theatre 1-25 Aug, times vary.

So we'll be pretty busy up in Edinburgh in August. Do come and see us if you're there.

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