Tuesday, 25 June 2013

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In these interactive pieces, the key is to find a clear mechanism that allows the conversation to happen. When we’re making work we’re looking for the right frame, or form, to best explore the ideas that we’re interested in. The form that adds something, that articulates something that another form wouldn’t. In this case one that allows sharing. That is sharing.
I have a new article in the "artists' pages" strand in the latest edition of Performance Research: On Value, edited by Joslin McKinney & Mick Wallis. The whole issue is a response to the PSi#18 Conference that they ran last year, and they invited me to submit a wider response to the Inspiration Exchange that I ran as part of it.

In a great innovation, there are a limited number of free downloads of it available, so if you'd like to read it, click here:
Inspiration Exchange: The value of sitting opposite.
[update, 28 June 2013: All the free downloads have been used up. You can access it through your library, if they subscribe. Or get in touch with us.]

And on the subject of journals, there's a lovely piece about Cape Wrath, Class of '76, and other 'digitally augmented' autobiographical projects, in a recent edition of the Journal of Media Practice. Now, where was I? is by Jocelyn Spence, Stuart Andrews and David M. Frohlich. You can download it here, for a fee; or if you're at a University, your library may have an account that allows you to access it for free:
Now, where was I?

It's fascinating for me to read such a detailed response to relatively early incarnations of Cape Wrath, and how themes that are really important in the piece for me were so strongly readable in these early, highly instinctive presentations. More about Cape Wrath soon, no doubt.

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