Tuesday 9 July 2013

SONGMAP at Millennium Gallery for PRISM 14 & Tramlines

We'll be showing the live and screen versions of Songmap at the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield, as part of this year's Tramlines Festival. The live performance is at 8pm on Friday 19 July, and the film version will run on a loop on Saturday and Sunday. It's all part of a free PRISM / Tramlines event - see the brilliant line up below. It's great to be on the same bill as 65daysofstatic after all this time... if you don't know their stuff I really recommend checking them out.

Songmap is a live drawing performance made to accompany Arab Strap's The First Big Weekend (needless to say I recommend checking them out, too, if you haven't yet) and was was originally made as part of Words & Pictures for Unlimited's lovely Mixtape project. More on all of that here.

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