Friday 24 April 2009

Last Chance To See?

Well, for a while at least...  Next week Presumption is on at Leicester's fantastic new CURVE venue, with a post-show discussion on Wednesday.  This is the show's last scheduled outing for a while.  There will hopefully be some international work with it next year, but this could be the last showing in the UK.  It's our most performed show to date, following the three week run in London just before Christmas.  That run produced a real range of reviews, from raves to stinkers, which I liked.  But my favourite review was on Culture Wars, headlined 'A warm bath, run by another'.

Also on its possible final outing is 9 Billion Miles From Home, which we're taking to the greenroom in Manchester on Friday evening.  It's nice, as ever, to be going back to the greenroom, who we've been working with for 12 years now, for this possibly-last performance, as we know we'll be well looked after.  If you're coming down, there's a Seed Fund project, "Moi..?" by Gemma Neep at 7pm, which is free if you've got a ticket for us - which is a really nice initiative that the greenroom are running.  The 'durational ritual' part of our performance will begin at 7.30pm, with show time officially at 8pm, plus an after-show discussion.

These projects have both been around for a few years now, in their different guises, so it won't be an entirely emotion-free week, putting them [temporarily] away.

Sunday 12 April 2009

Reading and Writing in Leeds

Chris Hall and I have two video pieces opening at Leeds Met Gallery this week, accompanying a great looking show called The Cover of a Book is the Beginning of a Journey.  Here's the publicity blurb:

Friday 24 April- Saturday 23 May
Reading and Writing | Christopher Hall and Alexander Kelly
Christopher Hall and Alex Kelly take aspects of Alex’s personal history as the starting point for two engaging DVD projections.

23 Postcards From America
In 1975, when Alex was a young boy, his father travelled America and wrote to him almost every day. As the postcards appear the piece evokes not only a particular time in the artist’s life but captures the essence of an era, before the internet and accessible global communication.

The Chapter Titles From The Unwritten Book Of My Life Story
A blackboard stands silently; chalk-written titles appear, projected on it, from the unwritten book of Alex’s life so far. This strangely mesmerising work presents a story told in chapter titles – some ambiguous and some obvious, all personal and all open to interpretation by the viewer.

Although these are 'Christopher Hall and Alexander Kelly' projects, they have connections with Third Angel's work.  The postcards appeared (in fictionalised form) in Experiment Zero, and the Chapter Titles were inspired by The Lad Lit Project.  The 'named authorship' is a blurred line on these pieces, and, we have thought several times, is probably more significant to us than to the people who see the work...

Friday 3 April 2009

Learning to Swim

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There are some new photos on our Flickr photostream. These are images that may well feed in to future projects 'Words and Pictures' and 'Learning to Swim'.