Thursday 31 October 2013


Otherwise known as "the one with the filing cabinets". From 1999 to 2002 we made a new touring theatre show that opened in the autumn and toured through to the following spring. We always recorded full length documentation of them, but would often carry on playing with the video material to create what we referred to as Digital Shorts. Sometimes these pushed the material quite a long way from the original show - sometimes they were brief encapsulations of the shows. This is one of the latter, Believe the Worst in five minutes, brilliantly constructed by Christopher Hall, to extracts from the soundtrack by Lee Sykes.

[Full length DVD of the show, and downloadable soundtrack by Lee Sykes will be available soon].


Third Angel presents
"Somewhere in the near future, deep within the bowels of the Corporation's business empire, three employees inhabit a grubby little office. It is antiquated, under-resourced and smells slightly of damp. They have been passed over for promotion and forgotten in departmental reshuffles. They work so much overtime that they don't even bother to go home anymore. They have been subsumed by the Corporation to the point where they have forgotten how to speak to one another. Until today."
The original version of Believe The Worst toured the UK in autumn 2001. A reworked and re-written version toured more extensively in spring 2002. This 5 minute short utilises footage from that second version.
Devised by the company
Text by Rachael Walton & the company
Performed by Stewart Lodge, Henry Sargeant & Rachael Walton
Designed and Directed by Alexander Kelly & Rachael Walton
Lighting Design by James Harrison
Soundtrack by Lee Sykes at Vortex Music
Management by Hilary Foster
Documentation edited by Christopher Hall

Camera by Chris Greenwood & Alexander Kelly
Touring theatre piece, funded by The Arts Council of England, Yorkshire Arts, Sheffield City Council and the Performing Right Society Foundation. Supported by Site Gallery and The Hawth.

Pills For Modern Living at The Point

The Pills For Modern Living light-boxes are currently part of Art + Science = at The Point in Doncaster. We couldn't make it over to the opening night, but today I took the kids over for half term activities (petri dish art - they had a great time!) and to see the exhibition. 

They've installed Pills really nicely, and I really liked the whole exhibition, particularly Kate Sully's own giant sized petri dish pieces and Julie Mecoli's Pitch Drop Cities. The exhibition runs up until 20 December, well worth checking out [details here].