Sunday 28 February 2010

True Stories of Fake Things

We’re currently researching our next show, What I Heard About The World, and we’re looking for stories.

We’re looking for true stories of fake things. Not hoaxes, or cons, or ghost stories. Fakes or replicas used in everyday life, instead of the real thing. We’re interested in modern-day soldiers playing Medal of Honour when they are off duty. Plastic ducks and other toy animals being used to map ocean currents as they traverse the globe. Wallpaper with lifesize pictures of your friends on, TV broadcasts of open fires, cardboard cut-outs of soldier-dads who are away at war, a spherical planet (mis-)represented on a flat page, chocolate flavour coating, CDs that make it sound like someone else is home doing house work. The inauthentic used in the everyday. Facsimiles, replicas, stand-ins and simulacra.

If you have any stories, anecdotes, thoughts, facts, pointers… any ideas, in fact, that the theme triggers for you, we would love to hear them.

What I Heard About The World is a collaboration with the excellent Portuguese company mala voadora, and a co-production with Sheffield Theatres, Teatro Maria Matos and the Pazz Performing Arts Festival. We're also excited to be working with on the project, too.

We’ll be working together for three weeks in April, and showing a work in progress at Pazz and then at Sheffield Theatre’s Forge Festival in May. Then more work over the summer and into the autumn, before opening in Sheffield in October, and touring to Lisboa in November.

If you’d like to help us out with a contribution, please comment here, or email us at: alex [at] Thank you!