Wednesday 13 June 2012

This is the room

This is the room where we made:

Believe the Worst

Where Have They Hidden All the Answers?

Leave No Trace

Pleasant Land

23 Postcards From America



The Lad Lit Project

(some of) Standing Alone, Standing Together


(some of) Presumption

The Expected Lifespan of Dreams


9 Billion Miles From Home

Parts For Machines That Do Things



Homo Ludens

Words & Pictures


Inspiration Exchange

Tea is an Evening Meal

All About the Full Stops

Story Map

(some of) What I Heard About the World

Lies About My Father

Favourite Ever Christmas Present

The Machine


gill said...

In this room I first met Jerry, first met the twins, first met Chris Thorpe, first drew a perfect circle and built my first model aeroplane. It looks empty, but the cracks in the floor are filled with flour and talc and bits of plastic model kit.

Jools said...

Oh, the games we've played in this room...
Homo Ludens at its best.
I sure am glad to have been a part of it all!
Off to new beginnings then...

Lucy said...
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Lucy said...

stood still (didn't blink), carried chairs (dropped books), read Schiller (rolled dice)

I think the room moves with you Third Angel